Live Online Classes


Are you ready!?

In a seemingly changing world, we have moments of greatness. Moments of pure, unadulterated VICTORY! As a human race, we need to find our strongest people to grasp these moments, and hold on for dear life. Its not about the fame, or the money, or the love that we get from these moments, but it is rather the passion we share. 

We are at the forefront of one of these moments. And before we go ANY further, I must ask that people with a weak stomach leave the room….

Now that we have minimized our risk of people throwing up on their screen once they see this news, we present to you the platform of the FUTURE (duh duh duuuuuuuh) – Occl! Take or teach online classes, live! 

Here are some feducational (Fun AND Educational) bullet points about the platform:


Live Classes online

Live from new York its Saturday night!!

Well, actually it should be “Live from your home” – with Occl you can take live online classes from your home! Miss going to the yoga studio with your friends? Or what about a nice cooking class with your spouse? (Please don’t burn your house down)

On this platform our goal is to connect people who want to take classes with those who want to teach them. We’re doing it all Live and online! 

start your own class

You heard that right! Its quick and free to sign up to be a teacher on this platform! Once you sign up, you can start hosting your own live classes from home!

Yoga, exercise, cooking, you name it! You get to decide the type of class you’d like to teach! We recommend offering free courses to get started, but you can charge as much as you’d like for your classes! 

Dangerous amounts of fun

We’re talking about DANGEROUS amounts People!! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need a place where people can still connect from their homes. 

Take an exercise course with your friends! Meet new people in our classes! All from your home. On this platform every class with your teachers and instructors will be live. You can connect your camera and have experiences with the people that matter to you most again!